Nirankari Sikh: Understanding Their Beliefs, God, and Holy Books

Nirankari Sikh

Nirankari Sikhs are followers of the Sant Nirankari Mission, a spiritual movement that originated in the 20th century in India. The mission was founded by Baba Buta Singh Ji in 1929 and is based on the teachings of Baba Avtar Singh Ji.

Nirankari Sikh:

The Nirankari Sikhs believe in the concept of Nirankar, which means formless or without attributes. They believe that God is beyond human comprehension and cannot be confined to any physical form. Instead, they focus on connecting with God through meditation and self-realization.

The Nirankaris, followers of the Sant Nirankari Mission, indeed accept the authority of a living guru. The spiritual leader of the Sant Nirankari Mission is considered a living embodiment of spiritual wisdom and guidance. This living guru is regarded as a conduit for the divine and plays a central role in imparting teachings, leading the community, and providing spiritual direction to the followers. The belief in a living guru distinguishes the Nirankaris from some other Sikh sects, as mainstream Sikhism, in general, acknowledges the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture, as the eternal Guru. Its members differ from other Sikhs in their disapproval of the militant brotherhood of the Khalsa.

The primary holy book of the Nirankari Sikhs is the Avtar Bani. It is a compilation of the teachings and discourses of Baba Avtar Singh Ji and his successors. The Avtar Bani emphasizes the importance of love, truth, and selfless service. It guides followers on the path of spiritual enlightenment and encourages them to lead a righteous and compassionate life.

In addition to the Avtar Bani, the Nirankari Sikhs also hold the Guru Granth Sahib in high regard. The Guru Granth Sahib is the central religious scripture of Sikhism and is considered the eternal Guru by Sikhs. While the Nirankari Sikhs do not consider themselves a separate religion from Sikhism, they have their own distinct beliefs and practices.

The Nirankari Sikhs believe in the unity of all religions and promote interfaith harmony. They advocate for peace, love, and understanding among all individuals, regardless of their religious or cultural background.

In conclusion, Nirankari Sikhs are followers of the Sant Nirankari Mission, who believe in the formless nature of God and emphasize meditation and self-realization.They believe SGGS is an open book and there can be a holy book after to which is Avtar Bani. They also believe that SGGS is not the last Guru but there can be living guru beyond it. Their primary holy book is the Avtar Bani, and they also hold the Guru Granth Sahib in high regard. They promote interfaith harmony and advocate for peace and love among all individuals.

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