The Art of Decision Making: Hats, Haircuts, and Tattoos

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Life is full of decisions – big and small, impactful or inconsequential. Let us talk about The Art of Decision Making. Some decisions are like hats, easily tried on and discarded if they don’t fit. Others are like haircuts, where a bad choice can be fixed, but not without some discomfort. And then some decisions are like tattoos, permanent and with lasting consequences. In his book “Atomic Habits,” James Clear explores these different types of decisions and offers insights on how to navigate them.

The Art of Decision Making:

Trying on Hats: Low-Stakes Decisions

Most decisions we make in life are like hats. We can try one on, and if it doesn’t suit us, we can simply put it back and try another. The cost of making a mistake is low, so we should move quickly and explore various options. Whether it’s choosing a new hobby, trying a different restaurant, or experimenting with a new workout routine, these decisions allow us the freedom to explore and discover what resonates with us.

By embracing the mindset of trying on hats, we open ourselves up to new experiences and opportunities. We become more adaptable and willing to step out of our comfort zones. Even if we make a wrong choice, we can easily correct and move forward without much consequence.

Haircuts: Taking Calculated Risks

Some decisions are more significant, akin to getting a haircut. While a bad haircut can be fixed, it takes time and effort to grow out and rectify the situation. However, this should not deter us from taking risks and trying something new. Often, the fear of making a mistake holds us back from embracing change and growth.

Clear advises us not to be scared of a bad haircut. It may feel uncomfortable for a while, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a temporary setback. If we don’t take the risk, we might miss out on an opportunity for personal or professional growth. And even if things don’t work out as planned, time will eventually heal the wounds, and we’ll move on, just as everyone else will.

Tattoos: The Weight of Irreversible Choices

Then there are decisions that are like tattoos. Once we make them, we have to live with the consequences. These choices are irreversible, and they leave a lasting mark on our lives. It could be a major career change, a life-altering commitment, or a significant financial decision.

When faced with an irreversible choice, Clear advises us to move slowly and think carefully. These decisions require deep reflection and consideration of the long-term implications. While it’s essential to embrace change and take risks, we must also be mindful of the choices that will have a lasting impact on our lives.

Unlike hats or haircuts, irreversible decisions demand a higher level of caution and deliberation. It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons, seek advice from trusted sources, and fully understand the potential consequences before committing to such choices.


Life is a series of decisions, and understanding the different types can help us navigate them more effectively. By recognizing that most decisions are like hats – easily tried on and discarded – we can embrace a mindset of exploration and growth. Taking risks, even if they resemble haircuts, can lead to valuable experiences and personal development. And when faced with irreversible choices, it’s essential to proceed with caution, considering the long-term implications.

Ultimately, the art of decision-making lies in finding the balance between embracing change and being mindful of the choices that will leave a lasting mark. So, go ahead, try on those hats, and experiment with those haircuts, but when it comes to tattoos, take your time, think carefully, and choose wisely.


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