The Origin of New Souls in a Growing Human Population

Origin of New Souls

With the continuous growth of the human population, it is natural to wonder where new souls are coming from. The origin of new souls is a topic of speculation. While this question may delve into philosophical and spiritual realms, it is worth exploring the topic from a neutral perspective.

From a scientific standpoint, the concept of a “soul” is not something that can be easily measured or studied. It is a matter of personal belief and varies across different cultures and religions. However, when discussing the origin of new souls in a growing human population, we can examine it from a more secular perspective.

The origin of new souls:

One possible explanation is the concept of reincarnation. Many belief systems, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, hold the belief that souls are reborn into new bodies after death. According to this view, as the human population increases, the number of souls remains constant, but they are continually being reborn into new individuals.

Another perspective is the idea that souls are not limited to the human species alone. Some people believe in the existence of non-human souls, such as animals or even plants. In this view, as the human population grows, new souls may be entering the world through other living beings.

It is also important to consider the role of birth rates and fertility in the growth of the human population. As more people are born, there is a potential for new souls to enter the world. This aligns with the biological process of reproduction, where new individuals are created through the combination of genetic material from their parents.

Furthermore, advancements in medical technology and healthcare have contributed to increased life expectancy. This means that people are living longer, allowing for a greater number of souls to coexist within the human population at any given time.

Additionally, it is worth acknowledging the possibility that the concept of a soul may extend beyond the confines of time and space as we understand it. Some philosophical and spiritual traditions propose that souls exist outside of linear time, and therefore, the number of souls is not limited by the physical constraints of our world.

While the origin of new souls in a growing human population remains a topic of speculation and personal belief, it is clear that there are various perspectives to consider. Whether one believes in reincarnation, the existence of non-human souls, or the influence of birth rates and life expectancy, it is ultimately a matter of individual interpretation.

As the human population continues to grow, the question of where new souls come from may persist. It is a topic that invites curiosity, introspection, and the exploration of diverse perspectives. Regardless of one’s beliefs, it is a reminder of the profound mysteries that surround the nature of existence and the human experience.

One explanation I got is :

As per my understanding, during the beginning of the creation, the Lord injects the material elements (Mahat-tattva) and the living entities into the universe.

So according to this, the number of living entities in the material creation are fixed.

Now as per the increase in human population, we see as humans increase, there is a simultaneous decrease in other living beings (trees, plants, animals, insects, etc)

These beings transmigrate from one body to another as per the laws of material nature. Therefore, since their current bodies are lost, they assume new bodies, namely, humans.

To sum it up, there are NO NEW SOULS, simply, the souls in the higher or lower strata are being born as humans (also, the pious souls who have been enjoying in the upper planetary systems after the exhaustion of the pious credits are born in human bodies. The same goes for the souls suffering the reactions to their sins in the lower planetary systems). NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME.

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